Day of Change

Lawrence Holofcener

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One day

A lady on the telephone

Was talking to a salesman

At the giant discount store

About a micro-oven toaster

Which he'd sold her which not only

Didn't work as it was s’poseter

But gave bread black burns and bruises

And had blown out several fuses

And she wanted to exchange it

When he coolly interjected-

It was past the date for refunds.

And perhaps she had neglected

To peruse the clear instructions

Or the guarantee as written:

All adjustments are directed

To the factory in Great Britain!

The woman, close to fit

Was mad enough to spit 

When suddenly it hit!

She begged the snippy salesman

Would he kindly wait a second?

She dashed across the kitchen

Down the steps into the cellar

Over barrels of antiquey things

And dusty books all yeller

Wooden toys and all the musty-

There it was, a slightly rusty

Perforated gadget made of tin

Of this description:

A model for a temple, either Aztec or Egyptian.

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