Day of Change

Lawrence Holofcener

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One day

A big wheel from Upper Montclair

(With New York as his axis

Montclair as his rim)

Discovered he had little care

Even fondness for Upper Montclair

Unsurprisingly Upper Montclair

Had even less care about him

Or anything else but taxes.

In his study he was

At his age old pine desk

Balancing budgets and stuff

When his thoughts turned

To happier times

When all that he had was enough.

His pleasantest days to recall

Was no difficult matter at all:

An outing

Cub scouting

Age ten.

A week in the woods

Way out west in New Jersey.

Till then all his strolls

Were on pavements.

His views troweled

Painted or nailed

Man-made, alike.



But in nature

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