Day of Change

Lawrence Holofcener

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It's cheaper to build and lasts a lot longer

Than all other systems both sewer and septic.

It doesn't waste water, it doesn't need plumbing

Or T. W. Crapper's white porcelain cavity

Gurgling noisily all through the night.

It's only requirement of energy-gravity.

A sprinkle of lime keeps it clean

Safe and odor-free.  All it produces is-

Please - someone stressed -

Compost, the banker's wife added

And time for our Thoreau and Edgar A. Guest.





And the Sears Catalogue and Reader’s Digest.

Outside of its not being inside the house

He concluded wistfully, Indeed

There is no invention of man that more quietly

Wastelessly answered his need.

What of the discharge of washer, dispose-all

Dishwasher, sink, tub and shower?

The banker explained to the sputtering Board

They would have no machines that waste power.

With home-made lye soap he and his wife

Would wash things and themselves by hand.

And run the waste to a specially-dug pit

Filled with gravel, charcoal and fine sand.

With a pipe at the bottom attached to a sump

They'd reuse the water by cranking the pump.

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