Day of Change

Lawrence Holofcener

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Were these the Americans

The first humankind to be found here?

They came without trumpet

Or banner or deed.

Indeed without interest

In owning the ground here.

Or hanging around here.

All other inhabitants

Scampered to hide

When these two-footed creatures

Appeared on their lawn.

And watched with awe

As fire was made for meat to braise.

For instant shelter a tipi they'd raise.

They'd camp overnight

A couple of days and move on.

They were here.

Then they were gone.

For thousands of years

The balance of nature

Went undisturbed in the least

By the coming and going

Of the native people

Among fowl, fish, insect and beast.

For thousands of years

These tribal folk thrived

And would even now

But for the pale-skin strangers

The Changers.



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